Hall of Fame Eligibility

The purpose of the Sports Hall of Fame is to honor those who have contributed significantly to the University of Arizona sports program. Person may be recognized for their contributions as individual student-athletes, as members of a national championship team, or for other unique contributions.


The criteria for being considered for selection to the Arizona Sports Hall of Fame are as follows:

  1. Individual Student-Athlete Undergraduate Accomplishments

    Individuals shall be eligible for selection if they have met all of the following criteria.

    1. Academic Standing
      To be eligible for selection, a former student-athlete shall have been in good academic standing during his/her enrollment at the University.

    2. Eligibility Waiting Period
      1. A former student-athlete shall be first eligible for selection five full academic years after completing his/her eligibility at the University.
      2. If a student-athlete has left the University prior to completion of eligibility, the five-year waiting period shall have begun at the end of the fourth academic year following his/her initial enrollment at the University of Arizona or any other university or junior college.

    3. Accomplishments
      Individuals shall be eligible for selection if, while enrolled at the University, they have:
    1. Been named "All America," or
    2. Won an NCAA national championship, or
    3. Set a world record, or
    4. Participated in the Olympic Games, or
    5. Led the nation in a recognized statistical category, or
    6. As a male student-athlete competing prior to September 1, 1962, or as a female student-athlete competing prior to September 1, 1979. Distinguished him/herself and the University through major victories, statistical achievements, records, or other substantial accomplishments not included in items (1) through (5) above.

  2. Individual Student-Athletes: Post Eligibility Accomplishments

    Former student-athletes meeting eligibility criteria "a" and "b" but not "c' of item "1" shall be considered eligible if, following completion of eligibility, they have distinguished themselves and the University of Arizona in a significant way athletically.

  3. Other Individuals

    1. Eligibility Criterion
      Individuals who are not eligible for selection under item 1 or 2 above may be eligible nonetheless if they have contributed significantly to the advancement of athletics at the University of Arizona.

    2. Eligibility Waiting Period
      There is no prescribed waiting period for individuals eligible under item 3a (other Individuals), except that UA faculty-staff members must have ended their respective tenures at the University before they are eligible for induction.

  4. Teams

    1. Accomplishments
      A varsity-level team that wins an NCAA national championship shall be eligible for selection to the Sports of Hall of Fame.

    2. Eligibility Waiting Period
      A team meeting eligibility criterion 4a shall be eligible for selection immediately following completion of the season in which the championship was won.

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