Foundation for Psychological Research

Karen was the name of the receptionist who sat behind the desk one Saturday morning around noon when I went in. I had never heard of them, and in fact I was going to find the institute of J. Federation for the Study of the Nature of Man (FRNM). I had come across the "mother". […]

If I am unable to have an orgasm, am I normal?

Some societies treat sex as a taboo topic. Such attitude tends to hinder any open discussion on sexual issues. It can be so stifling that it prevents women from having enough knowledge to improve their sex life. So what are the things most women want to know about sexual issues? Read! (1) Something wrong with […]

Kasbah Taourirt proves the sight of Morocco's past

Morocco has so many ancient sites that one can spend their entire lives in them, study them and study them, and so many were the places they imagined (as in Casablanca) or real (as in Lawrence Arabia) of life-changing world events. I remember seeing a revival of David Lean's movie Lawrence Arabia in London around […]

Small houses

Everything of rave! Small houses, small portable buildings made in homes are popular. "Small spaces allow a small budget!", Says Vera Smith of St. Louis, Missouri. I want a small home that I can pay for a few years. The small houses are roaring. HGTV (Home and Garden Television, Cable Network) hosts House Hunters with […]

Fine dining in Algiers offers variety, luxury and economy

Algeria, the capital of Algeria, offers many excellent restaurants. Many residents and tourists in Algiers could head to the centuries-old El-Djazair for an evening of the finest traditional Algerian dishes and they would be pleased with their choice. Still, there are a number of lesser known Algerian eating places that are newer, fresher and offer […]

Introduction to restaurants in downtown New York

Midtown Restaurants are some of the best places in New York. Here you can get the best of American, Italian, French and Chinese cuisine. Some of the best places in the world are restaurants. Sometimes even better are the places to eat in the opera. There are also many reasons to go … Many great […]

Beach Resorts in the United States

Facts in the US The United States, the United States, or the United States of America are a huge country. It is located in the north of America. The United States is often referred to as the United States, America or the United States and simply simply the "States". It has a total area of […]