Travel Planning in the US – Places to Visit

We had talked about going down to Marathon, Florida, Keys, all summer while we were working on the golf course. At the end of the golf season, we decided to get to Florida Keyes in Jones, a small compact car that was fairly new. When we finished the day, we would be out on Saturday […]

Plan to Eliminate Easy Error

The purpose of this brief, easy-to-follow article is to share a simple, safe, and effective bed treatment plan that really works for me and will work for you and everyone who cares to be infected with blood-sucking Bed Bug colonies. Better news is that it is non-toxic and also effective against other unwanted smaller personal […]

"Chez Slah" joins the best restaurants in North Africa

Food is an essential part of Tunisia's life; Tunisians like to eat. A catalog of restaurants in Tunisia would have filled a substantial book. I recently asked some of my Tunisian friends and some frequent American visitors to Tunisia if we could agree on the best restaurant in Tunisia. Of course, we could not agree, […]

Please fix the disability system!

This is to inform the people of our country of the nightmares they face when you become disabled by your fault. I can not tell the stories of everyone, so I can only share my story, although there's a lot like mine; all who come with their own circumstances but with similar results when trying […]

Sedona Schnabel's sculptor: Susan Cleave

"I'm sure art is God-given talent and if you leave yourself open, the creative power comes– Susan Cleave I have always admired the monument of Sedona Schnell, standing at the entrance of Sedona Public Library. The statue, a 10-foot-high bronze, depicts Sedona, who walks forward with an extended left hand, offering a basket of apples […]

You do not always get what you want

Do not always get what you want, but do you get what you need? While pre-fishing for a tournament at the Bull Shoals Lake in Missouri, we had some of the strangest things happening to us in three days out there than on any other lake we've ever been before or after. Now do not […]

Budget trip for martial arts karate tournaments

Once martial artists and coaches decide to follow one of the great karate chains like NASA or NBL, it will soon be clear that participation in this sport can be very expensive. Many years ago I attended a seminar run by Charlie Lee, and he said the only major difference between many national and local […]