Consensus founder was summoned to the court
The New York Judge shows on June 5 that his former employee, Harrison Henin, accused Joseph Lubin of several violations related to the toxin founding project. Lubin is the founder of Consensys and one of many projects in Ethereum project. In an interview, the Hansi Justice Commission states that the claim is a violation of the contract. In addition, the applicant requests compensation for the non-payment of cash and fraud in relation to the consensus satellite project. The project consisted of a market where investors could buy certified brands. Token Foundry was the only four live sales in the market. At Caninesw LLP’s request, Henry’s legal entity, the plaintiff seeks to damage more than $ 13 million.

“The claim is a compensation of $ 12,827,000 on contract, contracting and fraud, and without a profit of 404,783 USD.”

Consensys internal conflict against Spark’s legal action against the founder
Joseph Lubin, Founder of Consensus and Founder of Ethereum.
Consensys is a company based in 2014 in Brooklyn, New York. The project will be a joint bloc technology technology company and an enterprise studio. Many beginners use the original coin that plans to finance their plans, including the singular, gnomes, and civil. The company announced itself “focusing and talking” about the business model and opening the block was under the consensus umbrella of Polish. One of the sides was the ICO market, which was founded by Haynes, The former Executive Director of the Token Observatory said in an interview that he considers that the ICO ecosystem is sometimes irresponsible and his company wanted to correct the situation.
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Consensys internal conflict against Spark’s legal action against the founder

“I would say that there are many unreasonable behaviors that will take place for a symbolic ecosystem or for some time I think it’s important to actually change the lab reports and really set the standard for how new networks start and branding better than the customer, Henin explained in 2018 In May of May he added:

The things were crazy, people really did something, not good, and it was very clear why the regulators were not happy.

Toxin installation issues and reductions in the Hub and reported
Questions related to the toxin installation project started eight months ago. According to one of the findings, people are well aware that the toxin division executive director Harrison Henin has already left the company until November 2018. With Henin, eight employees have been postponed or voluntarily left the project. Consulate General Director Jay Takarar said that the company still assesses the future success of toxin founders. The old site leads to a new site where people can leave their emails to explain the next steps of the project. The project has gained 50 million US dollars, including ICO, including Dether, Virtue Poker and FOAM. But skeptics say that the toxin garment did not make the 2018 ICO and the rival ICO box of Russia fallen.

Consensys internal conflict against Spark’s legal action against the founder
Former Executive Director of Harrison Hins, founder of Tokyo The new leader said he was in November 2018.
Reports at that time suggested that consensus was aimed at 50-60% of the group of 1,200 people. The data was based on the renewed paper on Consensys product line that claimed some of the initials were financially assisted by zero. “Frequently without financial support, they need to find financing and win successfully,” wrote Verge’s newsletter, as journalists, whose protection.

Consensys internal conflict against Spark’s legal action against the founder
The original AMA message about Reddit, which was released from Consensys, was deleted but deleted on Wayback. At the time, a small group of acquaintances and former consensus staff had access to various encrypted publications to explain what had happened when they were released.
At that time, the company spoke in the press and did not deny the disadvantages. Consensys said they were negotiating with all beginners in the company “determining the path forward.” The data received from Wikipedia shows that the current consensus work force is 900 employees. In December last year, a former consensus employee went to Reddit and requested me to make a post for the layoffs. The message started by a person who started the topic or red administrators.