Home Sweet Home!

He likes to be home, almost delirious. Home Sweet Home! Some places where you follow the same delicious routine – every day, day after day. His mother and his sisters flocked around him, giving him appetizing meals at the appropriate hours – so religiously maintained! Precious moments every step of the way home, sometimes with your dad at the most important! And then … the obligatory evenings in front of the TV with family, and lots of nonsense, but fun. This is the sky he justifies. Probably nothing can make him think about leaving!

Of course, he explains that he is no longer a burden on his father's slow monthly income. Now, he also has a job – a pretty good job considering the fact that he can carry it on a royal stay at home. What's more – he contributes well to the monthly budget and as a result receives more attention from his mother and smiles more at his beloved sisters, he is almost certain of that! Yes, he had several other job offers outside his city, but rejected all of them in the impeccable cost-benefit analysis he often codes for. It will undoubtedly receive more pay, but most of it will go to renting an apartment, cooking for it on its own, transportation costs for returning home and other expenses. Therefore, he is ready to give up this extra income in favor of his stay in paradise.

Sometimes he gets bored, as is natural. Delicious routine becomes overwhelming if it decides to think about its apparently impersonal existence. But then he thought more vigorously. Why in his life he has many goals in helping his aging father to give solid support to his mother, to find ways and means to marry his sisters, and so on. In addition, home sweet home always has its endless supply of pleasure. He can be accommodated in the portico's sofa by the book window or have noisy card games, crazy, drive, checkers and draws with his family, or he can join guests who come almost every day for gossip or can go to movie.

His heavenly existence continued in full bloom until one fateful day. In fact, for many others it would be an important day of great joy and promise. But for him it was D-day. He had to make the decision of his life – a choice between his heaven and a future that he did not burden much.

He received an unexpected promotion and move to a major city. Perhaps because of his heavenly roots, he was very good at his office work and when his staff wanted to reward him for his efforts, all his hell. He shared this news with his mother and sisters in a very casual way, without telling the exact pay package, but only mentioning the extra unnecessary costs. One of his sisters, however, admired the opportunity to travel to the metropolis and stay at his brother's home. He looked at her obliquely.

He is more careful about breaking his father's news. He tries to convince him that this promotion does not in any way mean a quick ascent into the hierarchy; rather, he will wait a little longer and get a promotion in his hometown. Or he will turn to some important man for a settlement where his father can also help. And the unnecessary costs that will inevitably come, his analysis of the costs and benefits in full flow. He is almost certain that his father is convinced. Any loving father would want his only son near and around him. But his father's next action was not expected at all. His father just left his house.

It was only half an hour later, but the tension seemed much longer. His father comes with huge packages on his hands. His father calls his mother and puts all the packaging on the dining table. One by one he opens sweets, sweets, salty temptations and everything else. It just introduces a great holiday. His heavenly son is just watching.

"Congratulations, my boy! I was really worried about you and your ways. But you turned out to be damn good at your job, and the way your company rewards you is just great. Okay … you're passionate about home. food and comfort for quite a long time, enough logic and arguments!

He tries to plead with his mother. But she's busy and cheerfully sets the table. He should celebrate now.