Consensus founder was summoned to the court The New York Judge shows on June 5 that his former employee, Harrison Henin, accused Joseph Lubin of several violations related to the toxin founding project. Lubin is the founder of Consensys and one of many projects in Ethereum project. In an interview, the Hansi Justice Commission states […]

Selena: A Life Remembered (Part 2)

~ Continued from Part 1 ~ As Selena's popularity increased, placing additional demands on the group (such as travel), Abraham removed Selena from grade 8, prompting immediate unjustified criticism. Some accused him of violating child labor laws, while others warned him of ruining his children. "They will be surrounded by drinking and drugs," and "it […]

RV Living Verses Apartment Housing

A few years ago, my wife and I decided to travel to the United States in a semi-retired state. We drove the kids (all over 21), sold our home, and bought an RV. Well, live situations are changing and we are not on our way, at least not yet. We ended up staying in the […]

Home Sweet Home!

He likes to be home, almost delirious. Home Sweet Home! Some places where you follow the same delicious routine – every day, day after day. His mother and his sisters flocked around him, giving him appetizing meals at the appropriate hours – so religiously maintained! Precious moments every step of the way home, sometimes with […]

Advantages and disadvantages of dry camping

One of the key benefits of traveling with an RV is that all that is needed to get started camping is to throw the car or tractor in the Park. Because most vehicles are highly self-sufficient – even away from the power grid and water connections of the average campsite – any stretch of land […]

I lost my cat! What should I do?

Thousands of pets are lost every day. That is why 49% of all cats are kept indoors. You can triple their lives and have a better relationship with them by keeping them indoors. I know they are natural hunters, but this was the beginning when we did not live in cities where the danger tripled […]

Hurricane Reps

Because Hurricane Irma was so unpredictable and had the opportunity to travel along the east coast, I thought it was a good time to take a break from normal home conditioning and focus for a moment on hurricane preparations. As a precursor and survivor, I refuse to take unnecessary chances in my family's life and […]